The Everywheres

by The Everywheres



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released 26 June 2013

recorded September/October 2012 by Samuel Hill in HPBasement/Lahave/NorthParkSt,
vocals on "Strangers" & "Weekend" by Shannon MacDonald
album photos by Samuel Hill



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Unfortunate Direction
what were you following? and who did you see? a question is lingering / but what does it mean? the pieces say a name / then it falls to the floor / we each make an exit to no one's quite sure
it seems like we're caught / at the foot of the stop / the rain it seems lost / at the foot of this stop
does the time keep your head straight / when the counting's a chore / and you thought that you saw it / got a glimpse but no more / quiet to the next one / don't unlock the door / I hear some movement / and it's striking a chord

you turn your head in an unfortunate direction
were you alone standing there and who's the next one?
Track Name: Someone Disappeared
Someone disappeared before my eyes / faded back into the hollow night / I stand alone until it feels alright / to turn my tongue and pass back into sight
we won't move / with cardboard proof / you linger youth / you tired tune
back and forth go pull on every word / tell me every sound you've ever heard / I'll show a face and tell you what I know / what to find and where you'll have to go
Track Name: Other State
You are a Saturday that's shining sun across my tired face
the days that I still trace are fine in this or any other state
so come along another way
my little voices cannot wait
I see the crumbling leaves, the fall away and leave at night
the ones that still remain speak words that shine on through our blurry eyes
so come along another way
change your steps but do not stay
You are the mirrors edge throwing back what always looks the same
The days that I still trace are fine in this or any other state
Track Name: Watch it Grow
Seemingly empty when you reach into your mouth / Forming so slowly in the fog we dream about / Sit by the harbour as it's breathing in and out / I hardly know it but I'd like to watch it grow
it's not pleasing on the other end
the cast has counted what they have again
it's not painful with you detached friend
don't go claiming what the others meant
Can you see me standing where you said I should / I am liquid ebbing back and forth in flood / This race is tired so don't tell me what you took / The beat of footsteps as they flash an angry look
it's not freezing on the other end
the last have counted what they have again
it's not painful with you hollow friend
just don't go claiming what the others meant
Track Name: Cold Curator Sings
I sing this song across the long equator / I save the shards of broken past for later / lets change your name two words we can't remember / don't be so tame you tired cold curator / there is no pace or heat upon your collar / it wont be long before we start to wander
moving like a shade
never twice the same
its ringing and its ok
I sing along to thoughts your still debating / I close my eyes to touch the hands your waving / a static face a flag we'd like to follow / I'll fix my aim...the streets that sit serenely / aren't in the way they stretch into the evening
moving like the shade
and never twice the same
in the centre of the frame
Track Name: Strangers Below the Wire
I can see it in the distance / sleepy reflections in the sky / I think I've grown a slight desire / I'm sure that you're the reason why / strangers that sit below the wire / and now I'll never pass my time / there's a street I've never heard before / and now I want to make you mine
so tell me what is left if you only scrape around the bend
go climb the hill until you can finally catch your tired breath
I can feel you in the background / the shadows crawling next to me / I've got a feeling its the right shade / to colour anything we see
Track Name: Easy Bells
ring the same old bells again / you left your shell at home / I cant get lost if I know too much / give me a simple thought
frequently I pass your place you see my eyes but not a face some heavy rhymes and empty space standing alone always/never wait they're gone, gone
a faded sign in American / I cant make out the words / we're feeling tired it's in the air / now let's all go get down

Track Name: Weekend Yellows
break yr fall was that all on purpose / the empty hands you bring to them aren't worthless / people in a sea of other people / I see them all dissolving into one
it looks the same as it always did, you feel the way I never said
so follow me and we'll be free or something / sit and talk and move and rot the weekend / a voice that's frail no time to tell its broken / you'd like to know those words before they're spoken
it feels the same as it always did, the yellow rays passing over top yr head

tell me in refrain what you will say/roaming through the brightness of the day