by The Everywheres

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released May 21, 2014

recorded spring 2014
nick / brian / curtis recorded from the floor by jacob hiltz @ Electric Loft
sam recorded @ home by sam
*organ recorded by / sam & curtis in hammonds plains
mixed by sam hill
cover photo curtis rothney
layout & design nick hanlon

for our comrads at north street



all rights reserved
Track Name: Through Flowers
saturday night we slowly lose the light but you are there waiting on the other side/ sunday morning the water and the tide they pull me through the ground like a flower in july / the rhythm is divine and it circles through your eyes it's dripping down your thighs to the ground where i will die /fr
ooouuh you pulled me through the little crack you filled it up with glue / underneath the moon you wore black and i was dressed in blue
Track Name: Courtyard Blues
courtyard blues / i was sitting next to you / soaking in the afternoon / flipping through the foreign new / you asked me if they tell the truth / i answer that i've seen no proof / so we sit here with the courtyard blues

courtyard blues / scratches on the back of your mind / a colourful reminder of time / in spring you're born in fall you'll die / soaking in the afternoon / hoping that you'll come through soon / you'll join me in the courtyard blues / we will speak about the foreign news

chosen fate / slightly late / waiting at the rusty gates / search your pockets / find a curse / say i love you in reverse

i remem i remem i remember when you said drain your head of dread it's so bad for your soul and the less that you know the taller you'll grow / i am me you are you i am you too pull me right through to the placid cool night where the moon in the sky saturates all in sight

ouuu ouuuu la la la la la la la la
Track Name: Organ
psychedelic bumblebee come in close but please don't sting
open up your heart to me pollinate my dying dreams / can you feel the organs weight beneath the powers that may be / the soldiers trapped inside our teeth are giving up their fragile peace / and now i'll try to separate the broken swords from shattered plates / dreaming of the interstate and organs served up on my plate / sometimes all i ever think about is you right in front of me brian disappeared into the forest carried off upon the breeze sadie will arrive and i might mention these feelings of undying unease rillas on the front porch waiting for us lets go and have another drink
Track Name: Sacred Cow
sacred cow lying underneath the knife / anyhow we don't wanna start a fight / sky turns brown and the cold begins to bite / sacred cow waiting for its turn to die /

drink my tea / read my palm / slip on the sidewalk / stumble along / corner store / distant shore / glaciers are moving / what is it for /

late last night i went walking by your side / your patterned dress looked so lovely in the light / the sky turned brown and the cold began to bite / you are a sacred cow waiting for your turn to die /

drink the tea / read my palm / glaciers are moving / i wrote a song / corner store / distant shore / don't let the language pull you apart /
Track Name: Egyptian Drag
wait, can i take your eyes? / can i bury them beneath the sand before you go? / strange when you realize that the one you love is always on the other side / wait can i have your heart? / i watch it spinning like a compass in the dark / praise for the empty sky and the shallow dreams we share about the end of time / guns are just metal they come from the earth and they will face death and we will give birth in time you will see / dragging your lovers to stare at the tomb but always your presence it fills up the room and now we are free
Track Name: Habitualism
i see the future through a shade / tall palm trees and shallow graves / habitually i see its face / partisans without a faith / marching slowly through the rain / habitually i see their face / everywhere i go it looks the same / habitually i see it in their face / innocence as long as you are tame / habitualism i see it in your face
Track Name: California Reeling
california reeling from above / all our worries melt away beneath the sun / soon we will be sleeping in the sand / all the tiny pieces slipping through our hands / i wont call your name out anymore now / i wont say the things i said before now / on an island wading through the fog / and when i am all alone she reads my thoughts / i hear an echo slip across the land / and it wraps me in its arms just like a friend / i wont call your name out anymore now / i wont say the things i said before now / i wont feel the breeze i felt before now / i wont call your name out anymore ///////
everything you said was true / in the end they all blamed you / its alright on the outside of that maze / in the end they all blamed me / funny now cause i am free / its alright on the outside of my skin / said you felt a little breeze strike you right below your knees on north street as you rounded the bend / and though the evening air was clean you couldn't really help but feel that something was not right up ahead.....