by The Everywheres

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it happened late last night beneath a narrow purple light, you stared at me through nothing in the backyard of my mind,
my comrade, come back, can't you see i'm balancing,

answer like a symphony of old / save it for the end when i'm alone / it's just an illusion yes i know.

we drank the summer milk, compared its taste to that of silk i swear, spoiled by an instinct that i never could dispell,
my comrade just relax, can't you see it's honesty,

faithful in your uniform of gold / distilled we find ourselves alone / it's just an illusion yes i know.

stuck in a poem you heard read aloud by a man yesterday,
will you ever escape from those words that you can't explain,
its wet and the dim light outside tells you jokes that it did yesterday,
will medusa look back if i stare into yesterday?


released October 25, 2015
samuel hill - vocals, guitars, organ
adam gravelle - bass, keyboard
bianca palmer - drums
erin mcdonald - vocals



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